Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summers Last Breath?

Thanks to John Thain, a good friend of mine, from Duluth, MN for the photos below. He spent his 2 week summer vacation in the BWCAW, portaging, paddling and pondering through Minnesota's finest. Unfortunately, some Minnesotans have never and will never get to experience the quiet wooded north. It truly is a different world and it's hard to believe it exists only a few hours north of our concrete covered land we call home. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and take a quick drive where the mercury drops with increasing latitude. We are heading into one of the most beautiful times of year for Minnesota and fall foliage may show its true colors earlier than usual this year. Cooler nighttime temperatures and increasingly shorter days kick-start grasses, flowers and trees as they get ready to hibernate for the winter. Speaking of hibernation, maybe I should take a long nap... catch up on some much needed sleep I've been meaning to get to. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day.

Thanks John Thain for your BWCAW Photos:

Rain on the Way Wednesday:
Here's a quick look at early Wednesday mornings 6hr accumulated rainfall, which appears to be our next best chance of rain - good news for those who have outdoor plans today.

Todd's Outlook

Today (Labor Day): Warm sun, lake & pool-worthy. High: 82

Tonight: Mostly clear, moonlit skies. Low: 58

Tuesday: Lingering sun, still dry. High: 81

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, few showers, possible thunder. High: 78

Thursday: Leftover shower, more clouds than sun, cooler. High: 75

Friday: Partly cloudy and cooler. High 75

Saturday: Slight chance of a spotty shower or storm. High 73

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