Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wet Weekend Cool-Down

Weather Headlines

* According to the DNR much of central and east central is rated as "high" or "very high" risk of wildfires.

* High pressure directly overhead treats us to sunshine and temperatures close to normal for early June today.

* Less sun Friday as a cool front arrives, showers over far northern Minnesota, probably not reaching St. Cloud or the Twin Cities.

* Western storm increases the chance of steadier rain Saturday and least a few hours of rain each day. Temperatures run 15-20 degrees below normal, 50s north, 60s possible south. The fish may be biting bigtime (falling barometer) but it won't be very pleasant out on your favorite lake.

* A new word for June: COLD. A surge of colder air behind the weekend storm keeps temperatures in the 40s (north) on Monday, 50s central, near 60 far southern counties.

* 1 in 3 chance of an isolated snow flurry mixing with rain showers over the Red River Valley by Monday night.

* First CHANCE of 80 degrees? Probably not before June 16-17.

This map tells the tale: look at how little rain has fallen across Minnesota since April 1. Only 20-40% of our normal allotment of rain has been observed over a huge swath of central Minnesota. Far southeastern counties are in better shape, as is the northern third of the state, but there's no question the last 2 months have been alarmingly dry for farmers and gardeners over most of the state. The first chance of more widespread rain comes this upcoming weekend.

It's too early to speculate about weekend rainfall amounts, but I'm hopeful that it may be enough to actually show up in local rain gauges, maybe a quarter inch southern counties, over half an inch possible north of St. Cloud and Mille Lacs. It's the best chance of widespread rain we've had in weeks. I know the timing is lousy. If it's any consolation (doubtful) I was planning to head up to my cabin on Pelican this weekend too. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll take in a movie, clean out the garage (bad idea), rearrange my sock drawer, stuff I was doing back in March. I'm just as ready as everyone else to savor a classic Minnesota weekend, but it's not to be. Maybe next weekend. Don't give up hope - not yet.

Paul's Outlook

Today: Bright sun, light winds, very pleasant. Winds: Southwest 10-20. High: 77

Tonight: Clear evening, patchy clouds late. Low: 56

Friday: Partly sunny (more clouds around). Cooler, but probably dry. High: 74

Saturday: Cloudy, unseasonably cool with periods of rain. High: 64

Sunday: Still gray and damp. More rain expected. High: 62

Monday: Windy and even cooler with a few light showers/sprinkles possible by late afternoon. High: 59

Tuesday: Partly sunny, not as brisk. high: 65

Wednesday: Clouds increase, growing chance of showers. High: 68

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