Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Warnings near Brainerd, Willmar area

Update: 4:20 pm. Severe storm warnings are now posted for southwest Cass, all of Crow Wing county (including Brainerd) and Kandiyohi county for large hail and potentially damaging winds over 60 mph. 1" diameter (quarter-size) hail is being reported with some of these storms, there is a potential for hail as large as golf balls, large enough to damage roof tiles and ding automobile surfaces. Although conditions are marginal we can't even rule out an isolated tornado somewhere in central or southern Minnesota through the early evening hours - no way to pinpoint precisely where a tornado might form, but there is a small risk. St. Cloud may see strong/severe storms between 4:45 and 6:00 pm, storms rumbling into the Twin Cities after 6:00 or so. Stay alert and be ready to hit the basement, or a small windowless room on the ground floor (away from outer walls and windows) if warnings are issued for your county. If the sky turns threatening DO NOT WAIT for sirens to sound or warnings to be issued for you to take action. Rely on good old fashioned common sense. Today will be the wettest, stormiest day for the next week. Dry weather prevails Wednesday through next Tuesday morning, unusually cool weather by Thursday giving way to a slow weekend warming trend as 80 returns Saturday and Sunday.

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