Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Evening Update - No Rain Expected

Quick update for those with outdoor plans this evening. NO RAIN EXPECTED!
A unique feature developed today in southern Minnesota, which kept the temperatures down and the skies looking threatening. For those at the 91st PGA Championship in Chaska, today, it certainly looked like it was going to rain, but we lucked out, it stayed JUST to our south. WHEW!
Why did this happen? Here's a quick look at the maps:

Notice the cluster of clouds and green blobs in eastern South Dakota. This complex of thunderstorms developed Wednesday evening/early Thursday morning (known as an MCS or Meso-Scale Convective System) aka large storm cluster - This overnight and summertime storm feature can also create what is known as a MesoLow or a small scale low pressure system that can range from the size of a single thunderstorm to tens of miles wide. If you look close enough at the green blows above, you may even be able to notice a hint of circulation.

Now, take a look at the image below - the up close and personal radar view from the Twin Cities. There is more indication of circulation as the radar echos almost show up as a comma shape. Neat, huh?

Ok, enough of the geeky weather talk, how about a quick forecast? I'll have a bit more on the blog a little later, stay tuned!

Todd's Outlook

Tonight: Mild and sultry. Low: 68

Friday: Plenty of sun, plenty hot. High: 92

Saturday: Partly sunny and sticky - bordering on uncomfortable. High: near 90

Sunday: Cooler, cloudier, unstable with a few showers and T-storms. High: 79

Monday: Sunnier, cooler and less humid. High: 77

Tuesday: Mix of clouds and sun, comfortable. High: 78

Wednesday: Clouds increase, showers and storms move in. High: 75

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