Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gusty showers arrive

(update, 7:15 pm). Heavier showers are now streaking across the metro area, moving from southwest to northeast at close to 30 mph. These showers will be accompanied by wind gusts over 40-45 mph and brief downpours. A few lightning strikes can't be ruled out, but right now we don't anticipate anything severe. Scattered showers and storms will linger overnight, computer models print out about .20" of rain. Odds are you'll wake up to puddles first thing Wednesday, the morning commute may be more of a chore than usual, but a drying westerly wind (gusting to 30 mph) will clear us out and promise a dry midday and afternoon with highs well into the 60s to near 70. Thursday looks quiet with less wind and ample sun, before yet another round of showers and storms arrive on Friday. For now, roll up the windows, batten down the hatches, get ready for some windblown showers!

(2 pm update) Doppler shows showers sprouting up west of the St. Cloud metro area, moderate rain observed well northwest (Cass county). I know it looks and smells like rain out there, but dry weather should prevail through most of the afternoon hours with a gray, threatening sky and a stiff wind. Computer models print out nearly a quarter inch of rain tonight, my hunch is lawn-watering will be optional for the next couple of days. The wettest period comes tonight, but more puddles are on tap for Friday, followed by a fairly nice weekend. Last Saturday was thoroughly forgettable, weatherwise - cold winds, even a trace of snow up north! Good grief. This time around Mother Nature will show mercy, 60 seems like a pretty good bet Saturday afternoon. Hallelujah!

Today will be partly sunny, breezy and warm with a growing chance of bumping into a shower or thundershower as the day wears on. Come to think of it, does "partly sunny" mean the same thing as "partly cloudy"? I get this question a lot, and the answer may surprise you. I'll delve into the slippery slope of weather linguistics in my weather column. Thanks for asking, by the way.

Weather Headlines

* Stiff southerly breeze lures the mercury close to 70 later today, assuming a couple hours of sunshine.

* Growing shower risk from this evening through early Wednesday as a front approaches from the west. Computer models print out anywhere from .30" (NAM) to .28" (GFS).

* Windy Wednesday on tap, gusts to 30 mph?

* Quite, serene Thursday on tap, but more showers and T-storms arrive Friday.

* Cautiously optimistic for the weekend weather - mostly dry, sunshine prevails, highs in the low to mid 60s. Sunday appears to be the milder day right now.

Paul's Outlook

Tuesday: Partly sunny, breezy and warm. A shower is possible by late afternoon. Winds: S/SE 15-25. High: 71

Tuesday night: Better chance of showers, isolated thunder possible. Low: 56

Wednesday: Damp start, turning windy with clearing skies. Winds gust to 35 mph. High: 66

Thursday: Plenty of sun, no complaints (at least none about the weather). High: 65

Friday: Unsettled, more clouds, a few hours of showers, possible T-storms. High: 63

Saturday: Breezy with sun much of the day, a few degrees cooler than average, but nicer than last Saturday. High: 62

Sunday: Sun giving way to partly cloudy skies, milder. High: 68

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