Thursday, May 28, 2009

Positively Perfect

Weather Headlines

* Welcome rerun of sunshine today: 20-25 degrees warmer than yesterday!

* Wednesday: 56 degree high in St. Cloud, 59 at Minneapolis/St. Paul.

* Rochester picks up 1.42" of rain, enough to put a dent in the moderate drought over southeastern Minnesota.

* 20-40% of Minnesota will see a quick shower Friday (best chance northern counties).

* Saturday: shaping up as the nicer, sunnier day of the weekend.

* Few hours of showers expected Sunday.

* Potential for severe storms by the end of next week.

Paul's Outlook

Tonight: Clear evening (A+ sunset). Clouds increase late. Low: 53

Friday: Less sun, passing shower - isolated thundershower. High: 75

Saturday: Nicer day of the weekend. Plenty of sun, temperatures near normal. High: 73

Sunday: Clouds increase, growing chance of showers, possible thunder. High: near 70

Monday: Lot's of sun, getting better again. High: 71

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, probably dry. High: 69

Wednesday: Clouds increase, showers possible late. High: 72

Thursday: Showers, possible T-storms, some heavy. Higher humidity levels. High: 73

Here are the expected high temperatures for northeastern MN and northwestern WI for Saturday, which now looks like the sunnier, nicer, drier day of the weekend. Temperatures will run a couple degrees below normal, but with bright sun much of the day it should feel warmer. Keep in mind the sun angle is just about as high in the sky as it ever gets - the risk of sunburn will be off the scale this weekend. Don't forget the sunscreen. (image courtesy of the National Weather Service).

National Weather Service predicted high temperatures for northwestern MN for Saturday. To check on the latest graphical outlook for up north (or anywhere in the nation) click here.

Heading north this weekend? Check out the National Weather Service's latest current conditions and 7-Day Outlook right here.

Here in the Land of All or Nothing, the Rainfall Haves vs. the Rainfall Have-Nots, check out the huge variations across the Gopher State. Based on NEXRAD (next-generation radar) Doppler rainfall estimates, most of far western and northern Minnesota has been soaked with 1-2" of rain in the last 7 days. Across central Minnesota, from St. Cloud to the Twin Cities....barely enough rain to settle the dust. This time of year these dramatic disparities in rainfall are quite common. T-storms tend to be fickle, soaking one town with a few inches of rain while 5 miles down the road the sun is out and farmers are complaining about a lack of rain. A moderate drought lingers over southeastern Minnesota, but Rochester picked up 1.42" of rain on Wednesday, and farmers in the region couldn't be happier. Eau Claire, WI saw 1.13" of rain, only a trace of rain fell at MSP.

To check out the latest 7-Day rainfall tally for yourself, click here.

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