Friday, May 15, 2009

Heavy thunderstorms rumble through the metro

(update, 5:50 pm). The line of storms has weakened somewhat, moving away from St. Cloud, drifting through the Twin Cities now, capable of downpours, pea-size hail and gusty winds. The potential for severe weather still exists, especially south/east of the Twin Cities. Many lawns and farms will receive .25-.50" of rain or more as the line comes through. After the storms pass winds will increase from the northwest, gusting past 30 mph. at times. Saturday will look and feel a little more like mid October than mid May with afternoon temperatures holding in the 50s, northwest winds in the 15-30 mph. range, and a choppy ride on area lakes. Sunday still looks better with less wind, plenty of sun, and temperatures ranging from low to mid 60s. Next week's big warm front has been delayed (the tug of war between Canadian air and warm, sultry air a few hundred miles to our south will take place almost directly overhead, meaning wave after wave of showers/storms, one chance Tuesday, another Thursday. 70s may return the latter half of next week, but the chance of experiencing 80 degrees has diminished. Look at the bright side: no need to water the lawn anytime soon.

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