Monday, April 27, 2009

Skies brighten, lawns green up rapidly!

Weather Headlines

* Latest (NAM/WRF) computer model prints out nearly .50" of rain for Wednesday.
* 53 degree high at MSP on Monday (normal high is 63). April 27, 2008: high was only 46 F.
* April running 1.5 degrees warmer than average so far.
* April rainfall at MSP: 1.5" (about half an inch drier than average)
* Wetter pattern for the Twin Cities (and all of Minnesota) for the next 1-2 weeks.
* Nicest day in sight: today, sunshine, near 60.
* More rain/T-storms Wednesday/Thursday. Rainfall amounts probably < .25"
* Odds favor better weather for next weekend, although a shower/T-shower can't be ruled out by late in the day Sunday.
* Conditions not ripe for severe T-storms through the weekend.

Paul's Outlook

Today: Best day in sight. Plenty of sunshine. Winds: east/southeast 5-15. High: near 60

Tonight: Clouds increase, showers far western MN by daybreak. Low: 44

Wednesday: More showers arrive by PM hours, possible thunder. High: 59

Thursday: Showers and storms, some potentially heavy. High: 62

Friday: Gray start, getting sunnier with a cool wind. High: 52

Saturday: Potentially nicer day of the weekend. Mix of clouds and sun. High: 58

Sunday: Sun giving way to increasing clouds. Late shower (best chance north). High: 61

Monday: Rain likely, cool. High: near 58

Tuesday: Unsettled, leftover shower or sprinkle. High: 63

Wednesday: Sunnier, milder. High: 67

Thursday: Partly sunny, lukewarm. High: near 70

Friday: Sunny and warm. High: 73

Saturday (May 9). Warm sunshine, potentially pleasant. High: 77

Sunday (May 10). Showers and T-storms, cooling off. High: 63

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