Thursday, April 9, 2009

Status Quo - Looking Good!

Headlines for the Twin Cities

* Wren sightings in Mendota Heights - another sure sign that spring really IS here!
* Ice coming off Lake Minnetonka - about 4-5 days earlier than average.
* No significant rain (or snow/ice) in sight for the next 7-8 days.
* Weekend temperatures reach the mid 50s, a few degrees ABOVE average. 60 isn't out of the question close to home.
* Slight chance of rain by the end of next week.
* Rivers slowly receding across most of MN, but flood threat remains very high in the Red River Valley.

Paul's Forecast

This afternoon: Generous sun, a definite case of spring fever by late afternoon! Winds: N 5-15. High: near 50

Tonight: Clear, star-studded skies. Low: 34

Friday: Still sunny, still quiet. High: 53

Saturday: A few high cirrus clouds, otherwise sunny and pleasant. High: 56

Sunday: Sun dimmed by a veil of high clouds, hints of spring in the air. High: 58

Monday: Patchy clouds, dry weather hangs on. High: 54

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, still quiet. High: 55

Wednesday: Sunny start, then increasing clouds. High: 53

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, growing chance of showers. High: 55

Friday: Better chance of rain, some heavy. High: 57

Saturday: Milder with showers, even a few thunderstorms. High: 62

Sunday: Drier, possibly the better day of the weekend for outdoor activities. High: 60

Monday: A mix of clouds and sun, pleasant. High: 57

Tuesday: Showery rains, possible thunder. High: 55

Wednesday: Sun should reappear, temperatures close to average. High: 54

Thursday: Sun fades, temperatures mellow a bit. High: 59

Friday: More showers, thunder can't be ruled out. High: 55

(remember, accuracy drops off gradually after 3-5 days. Anything longer than 5 days is more of a "trend" than a forecast. The forecast can change as new, more accurate data arrives, so check back often to get the latest information for an event scheduled beyond 3-5 days).

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